How do I order cookies?

We restock cookies every Sunday at 8pm Central Time. The cookies will become available on the homepage once they are live at 8pm Central. Whenever you click on the flavor you'd like it will take you to the cookie page. You can add as many cookies as you'd like to your cart!  You can see every cookie flavor we will be running for the week on our "Flavors" page, if you'd like to view them ahead of time.  

 What are the macros? 

We do not know or have the macros listed. Ingredients are listed on each package per USDA rules. The time and amount of money it takes to send each cookie out for nutritional breakdown, especially the exclusive cookies which are only available for a couple weeks at a time, does not make sense for our company at this time. We currently fall under the FDA's small business nutrition exemption and are not required to obtain that information. As with many things that don’t have info available for tracking, you have to estimate. We suggest weighing them and tracking it as a ____ ounce ____ cookie (insert weight and type of cookie). 

Do you make a gluten free (GF) cookie?

We occasionally offer gluten sensitive cookies. As we do not operate in a gluten free kitchen, we can’t offer GF cookies. Our gluten sensitive cookies are made with GF ingredients and we follow all the steps to avoid cross contamination; however, there is potential for it.

Do you make a vegan cookie?

We do; however it is not available every week! It is called "The Imposter" because it is impossible to tell it apart from our regular cookies. It is also free from all major allergens except gluten, so it makes a great option for those needing soy or dairy free items.

Are these cookies ‘healthy’?

What is healthy anyway? If by healthy you mean lower sugar, protein packed, etc then no, these are not. If you mean made with love and lots of butter, then yes, certainly.

Are there peanuts/tree nuts in your cookies?

Yes, we have cookies that contain peanuts as well as other tree nuts. We also have cookies that are nut free, but all of our cookies are processed in the same facility so there is always a chance of cross contamination.

I can’t find a flavor I’ve seen before on your website; how do I order it?

Often, we run exclusive flavors for 1-3 weeks, and that’s it. We have brought exclusive flavors back, but normally once it is gone, it is gone forever.

How long will the cookies be good?

As our cookies, unlike other companies, are individually wrapped and heat sealed, most will last well over 2 weeks; however, we think it is best to freeze them if they will not be consumed the week you receive them. Frozen they will last well over 6 months!

Can I freeze my cookies?


What is the best way to heat my cookies?

From room temperature: We recommend placing them in the oven at 350 for 3-4 minutes, but if you are in a rush, the microwave for 12-15 seconds is a good alternative. If reheating more than one cookie in the microwave, we recommend doing them individually. We have also heard the air fryer is a good method, 4-5 minutes at 350.

We always recommend letting your cookie thaw before reheating for best results.

Why do you sell out of cookies?

Exclusive cookies generally require unique ingredients that we do not have access to all the time. We sell as many as we can make, which is generally a set number. As we expand our ingredients lists, we hope to offer more flavors of cookies more frequently! 

Do you ever plan to offer cookies more than once a week or more cookies?

Yes! Cookies are now available 24/7 on the site! 

Will you ever offer more types of cookies?

Yes, we try to come up with a new exclusive flavor every week! 

How much are cookies?

Cookies are around $5-5.50 each depending on the ingredients and cores of the cookie! Our Mega one pound cookies are $20.

Do you have a store front to buy cookies or local pick-up option for orders?

Yes, you may select local pick-up at checkout! We are located at:

2540 Jenks Ave
Panama City, FL 32405

Where do you ship?

Right now, we ship all over the US and Canada. We also ship to APO/FPO address. Shipping costs to Canada do not include any duties and taxes that may be applied to the order.

When will I get my cookies?

All orders, unless specified otherwise, ship out 2 business days after the order is placed via the shipping method you chose. For example, if you order your cookies on Sunday, they will be baked fresh that week and shipped out on Tuesday.

My cookies are in transit, where are my cookies?

Once a package is in the shipping carriers’ hands, all orders are an estimated 2-4 business days depending, on location. Orders can be delayed with the carrier due to holiday season, but 95% of orders will be delivered by in the 2-4 business day time frame. Estimated time carriers give for a package to be delivered is only an estimate and not guaranteed. Please plan accordingly as there is nothing we can do about shipping delays. Please be sure your shipping address is correct. We are unable to replace packages if you input an incorrect address or the package is stolen.

**Apartments- Please check with your front desk/office because the boxes are too big to fit in your mailbox.

What if something happens in shipment? How do I get a refund?

Once your package leaves our hands and is picked up by the carrier, it is then their responsibility to deliver your package correctly, intact, and on-time. We wish we could be personally deliver your package, but unfortunately that is just not possible.

If you have trouble with your delivery, please contact the carrier directly. We do not offer refunds for missing or broken packages. If the worst happens and something goes wrong with your package in shipment, you can file a claim online with the carrier. Your package was sent insured, thus the carrier will be able to refund you. We wish we could just refund you, but we are small business and we just financially cannot.

We would love to have your business and support, but If you don't like these policies or cannot understand this policy, please consider ordering elsewhere because we would hate for you to be upset if something goes wrong in shipping. We never want unhappy customers!

We highly recommend utilizing Route Protection plan at checkout. What is Route?

Route is a shipping insurance offered on every order. The shipping protection covers any Lost, Damaged, and Stolen packages. Customers are responsible for filing their claims through the Route resolution center for any issues with their orders. Once Route approves a claim, they will handle the replacement orders.

How are my cookies wrapped in shipment?

All orders will either come in an indestructo mailer box or a flat rate box if (if chosen). The cookies inside will be individually wrapped and heat-sealed, then surrounded with bubble wrap and/or shredded paper for added protection.

Can you make cookies for our event?

Please email us at fatandweirdcookie@gmail.com for bulk or custom cookie orders; however at this time our ability to do so is limited. We hope to be able to do more of this in the future.