We firmly believe that cookies are more than just a dessert

—they're moments of joy meant to be shared with your nearest and dearest, creating memories that linger long after the last crumb has disappeared. As a Cookie Ambassador, you will share your memories with your friends, family, and followers, making each moment as sweet as our cookies. 

Here’s what you can expect as a Fat & Weird Cookie Ambassador: 

  • Receive a unique referral link to share with friends, family, & followers

    Your customers will receive 10% off their order, and you’ll earn a commission.

  • Be the first to hear about new flavors, launches, and exciting updates

    Stay in the loop and share the news with your audience, creating anticipation and excitement.

  • Enjoy exclusive perks through giveaways and contests

    Chances to win FREE cookies, merch, a seat at the flavor creation table, and more!

How will you do it? 

  • Connect with us on social media and actively engage with our community

    As an ambassador, your involvement adds a special touch to our online presence. Share the latest updates, and participate in conversations.

  • Use your creativity to develop compelling content for Fat & Weird Cookie

    From video testimonials to pictures of you enjoying our cookies, your authentic experiences and memories will motivate others to try Fat & Weird Cookie!

  • We believe in the power of genuine engagement, regardless of the size of your audience

    We're looking for passionate individuals who can create meaningful connections with their followers, no matter how many they may have.

Get Started!

If you're a cookie enthusiast with a passion for fun flavors, Join our community, where over-the-top, mouth watering cookies take center stage! 

To get started, click the link below. We can’t wait to welcome you to Team Cookie!