If you’re interested, please carefully review the information below. 

Steps on Shooting A Fat & Weird Video 👇

Shoot a vertical video that is under 2:00 in length, focusing on the gooey texture, close-up shots of the core center, and biting into the cookie.  

Tone: Exciting, engaging, and light-hearted humor. 

Insight: How does F&W cookie stand out to you from other cookie brands? 

  • Say The Name Of Each Cookie

    Share your thoughts on what makes F&W Cookie different from others.

  • Pick A perfect Spot

    Film somewhere with little to no distracting sound/music, and a background that is clean and won’t distract from you. 

  • Be Real

    Be real, genuine, and relatable. Then submit your high-quality content for a chance to win CA$H!

Highlight Specific Details!

“Look at the core in this cookie. WHAT?!!”

“If you are an Oreos and cream fan, this one's for you.”

“These cookies are THE BEST cookies because…..”

Fat & Weird Cookie will review your content and contact you if we would like to partner together.

Be real, genuine, and relatable.

In the example video HERE, Aubrie has high energy, shows her excitement and authenticity of her love for the cookies. Make your video fun and your own personality that others can relate to. 

❌ What NOT To Do:

  • Don’t hold video in your hand

    Set it up somewhere where the phone/ camera is steady and easily captures you and the cookies in the frame.

  • No need to introduce yourself

    Go straight into talking about the cookies and how excited you are to try them. Don’t film in a busy or distracting place. 

Besides authentically showcasing your excitement and love for Fat & Weird Cookie, we find our customers are especially interested in the following information:

  1. The gooey core of each cookie.
  2. How long our cookies are good for*
  3. What set’s Fat & Weird Cookie apart from other cookie companies?

*Our cookies will last well over 6 weeks’ however, we think it is best to freeze them if they will not be consumed the week you receive them. Frozen they will last up to 12 months!