We're glad you love our cookies! 🍪

Did you know we sell some incredible flavors of stuffed cookies, MEGA 1lb cookies, flatties, edible cookie dough, and variety packs?

🥳 We pride ourselves on being the most innovative and best cookie company in the world.

Our passion for sweets and cookies inspired us to start this business, and we've been going strong ever since.

About Brad & Aubrie, Owners of Fat & Weird Cookie

Aubrie and Brad, the owners of Fat and Weird Cookie Co., have always loved sweets. During their travels they always try to search out the best local sweets in the area. Brad's dessert of choice has always been cookies. 

To surprise Brad for his birthday in April 2018, Aubrie secretly asked her followers on Instagram to send him cookies.

To their surprise, over 1,000 cookies showed up on their doorstep from all over the world!

...The most logical thing to do was try them all!

A 🍪 Brand Is Born

After sampling every single cookie that came to them, Brad and Aubrie decided they could take some of the things they liked about certain cookies, fix the things they didn't like, and put their own little twist on it.

By August of 2018, Fat and Weird Cookie was born.