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Check out these incredibly tasty cookie collabs featuring your favorite HERSHEY'S products!

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Official HERSHEY'S Co-Branding Announced

Fat & Weird Cookie Company®, a renowned name in the snack industry, is proud to announce its official collaboration with HERSHEY'S, a global leader in confectionery and chocolate products, as of June 2023

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Your favorite HERSHEY'S products now featured

The collaboration between Fat & Weird Cookie Company® and HERSHEY'S will feature four mouthwatering products that will leave cookie enthusiasts and chocolate lovers craving for more. Now included in Big Sexy, Pitchin' Tents, Black Beauty, and The Pudge.

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Why Are HERSHEY'S & Fat & Weird Cookie A Great Fit?

It's no accident why these two brands are a perfect match...

  • 🍪 Snack Innovation

    Fat & Weird prides itself in creating truly unique products that are often copied, but never matched in quality and taste.

  • 🏆 BEST In The World

    We make the best and most creative cookies with the BEST ingredients. That's why HERSHEY'S was a no-brainer to partner with!

  • 😋 Gourmet Cookies

    Our over-the-top, gourmet cookies that will blow your mind! Nobody knows taste like Fat & Weird Cookie and HERSHEY'S.

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