Current Flavors

Big Sexy - Thicc and Salty, just the way our cousin Trace likes it. With just the right amount of salted caramel sprinkled in, this classic buttery chocolate chip cookie has a delectable salted caramel hidden inside just waiting to ooze on out. Warm this baby up, and she is sure to please!

Black Beauty - A silky, black cocoa base loaded with white chocolate chips, massive cookie sandwich chunks that add just the right amount of textural indulgence, and stuffed with a cookies and cream bar. If you're in love with America's favorite cookie sandwich, this cookie is for you.

The Brad - Every hunk has a cookie named after him, right?! Our soft and chewy oatmeal cookie base loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips and giant chocolate chunks. Fit for the most avid chocolate lovers.

The Pudge - Every peanut butter lover's dream. A crunchy peanut butter base woven together with loads of chocolate peanut butter candy pieces, stuffed with an XL chocolate peanut butter cup.

The Party Animal - She’s a little sweet, with a whole lotta party in her. This cookie might even make you hop up on the table top to dance, she’s that good. A soft almond sugar cookie base swirled with an overload of confetti sprinkles, packed with frosted animal cookies, and stuffed with vanilla frosting. Just like a night out on the town, this little lady has everything you need for a wild time.

Pitchin’ Tents - Because that’s what you’ll be doin’ after you take a bite…only because you’ll want to go camping, of course. That’s right, it’s a S’MORES COOKIE! Honey graham dough, tiny & mini marshmallows, chocolate chunks, and a marshmallow chocolate core.

Big Booty Dough - It isn't our birthday anymore, but we still want big booty dough. This is a cake batter funfetti cookie loaded with rainbow party sprinkles, white chocolate chips, cupcake bites, and a cake pop core. That’s right, there’s frosting, sprinkles and cake stuffed INSIDE this cookie! Let's celebrate year round!​


Dirty Worm - A chocolate pudding dough base stuffed with Oreo chunks, an Oreo cream core with a surprise gummy worm, all topped with green sprinkles.

Double D- Stands for “dynamic duo” or “double delicious” We took two OG flavors and made them one! Black Beauty snuck over to be with The Pudge and a star is born!!! Black indulgent cocoa cookie base stuffed with Reese’s pieces and a peanut butter cup core!

The Silver Fox - This ain’t no Grandpa’s Pocket anymore NOPE, he got a little glow-up. If you loved that OG cookie, you’re sure to love this re-vamp too! Soft and chewy oatmeal base stuffed with Butterfinger, Take 5, Heath bits, and butterscotch chips. It’s all warm and fuzzy feelin’ just like grandpa, with a little bit of seduction.

 A Handful - Don’t you love those houses that leave their candy bucket out on the porch with a sign “Take ONE please” YEAH RIGHT, Imma take a handful. Little bit o’ this, little bit o’ that, this is the perfect Trick Or Treat cookie. A brown sugar cookie base stuffed with Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, and topped with a Kit-Kat. Anything over a handful is just a waste.

Retired Flavors

Cheesecake & Chill - There’s no better way to spend a chilly Fall day than sitting on the couch in your sweatpants snuggling with that special someone, eatin’ dat COOKIE. This cookie is a play on Basic B, our pumpkin spice cookie topped with crunchy turbinado sugar. Instead of an espresso cream filling, there’s a cheesecake flavored filling!

Sticky Fingers - A caramel apple cookie with caramel bits and a caramel apple filling core, topped with crunchy peanuts.

The Lunch Lady - You know who we're talking about. Everyone had that lunch lady growing up, the kind of lunch lady that would wake up at the crack of dawn, slap her hair net on and tie up her apron just to roll out some fresh cinnamon rolls for all her smiling kids. If you didn't have one of those at your school, don't worry, we're here to bring you a taste. This 'cinnamon roll' cookie is a white sugar cookie base stuffed with toasted pecans and chunks of melty cinnamon chips, stuffed with white icing. Grab your tray, and slide on over to get one. Don't be nervous, we won’t yell at you like she probably did.

Basic B - You know who she is: ugg boots, leggings, puffy vest, ready for Fall and it’s still 80 degrees. It’s September which means pumpkin spice everything, including this new and exclusive pumpkin spice latte cookie. A gooey pumpkin spice cookie base, rolled in crunchy Turbinado sugar, and filled with an espresso cream frosting. This cookie isn’t just for all you basics out there, even the non-coffee drinkers will LOVE this cookie.

Yabba Dabba Doo - WILMAAAA! Pebbles and Bam Bam would be so proud to eat this cookie. A fruity cereal dough base stuffed with an oozey fruity cream core.

Breakfast in Bed - BnB just stepped it up a notch! This is a maple blueberry cookie base stuffed with maple bits, blueberries, a maple pancake core, and topped with blueberry toaster pastries.

Wakin' Bacon - Best part of wakin' up is a maple bacon cookie stuffed with a maple pancake core, RIGHT?! This cookie tastes like all best parts of breakfast: a brown sugar dough base stuffed with salty bacon pieces, bits of maple, and a pancake core soaked in maple syrup.

The Reveal - This is IT!! Brad & Aubries reveal cookie. A birthday caked flavor dough based cookie stuffed with pink and blue sprinkles, white chocolate chips and a surprise cream core! The core will be blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

Cookie Terrestrial - Coo.kie.Phone.Home. This Cookie was inspired by that cosmic brownie your mom or dad put in your lunchbox to make you feel extra special every Friday. A chocolatey cookie base stuffed with crunchy galactic meteors, chocolate bits, and chunks of brownies.

Nuttin’ But Jelly - it’s peanut butta jelly time, just like your momma or daddy used to toss into your lunchbox when you were running late. This is a strawberry cookie base stuffed with peanut butter chips and a jelly/PB core, topped with strawberry toaster pastry crumbles.

The Fluffer - If it doesn’t get you excited, I’m not sure what will! This is a fluffer-nutter cookie. A soft peanut butter base stuffed with PB chips, mini marshmallows, and a PB and marshmallow fluff core, topped with crunchy nutter butter cookies. This cookie will get you ready for action.

Afternoon Delight - Thinkin' of you's workin' up my appetite, looking forward to a little afternoon delight. This cookie is a soft cinnamon spice oatmeal base stuffed with teeny crunchy marshmallows and a cream core. Little Debbie ain’t got nothin’ on this!

The Fix - We all need that fix each and every morning- for most of you its a fancy coffee but we know secretly you’d rather be eating a cookie for breakfast. That’s why we made this mocha Frappuccino cookie! A mocha base stuffed with Oreo chunks, cookie dough bites, and a Twix core, all topped with more Oreo chunks! The MEGA has full sized Oreos and Twix inside.

Midnight Snack - Who doesn’t love a midnight snack? Or should we say big booty call?! Black Beauty and Big Booty Dough got together and the result is more than you can handle. Our cake batter cupcake bite cookie (Big Booty Dough) stuffed inside our black cocoa Oreo cookie (Black Beauty) rolled in rainbow sprinkles.

B.B.C. – Who doesn’t love BBC, Brad’s Birthday Cookie, of course. This is a brown sugar base stuffed with milk chocolate covered pretzels, salted caramel chips, a Biscoff cookie butter core, and topped with crunchy Biscoff cookies. 

Aubrie Doughkie - A cookie that tastes like a doughnut! This is a sugar cookie glazed doughnut base stuffed with unicorn chips and a pink sprinkle donut core, rolled in hot pink sprinkles!

Dad Bod - A soft oatmeal base stuffed with mini chocolate chips, caramel chunks, salted caramel chips, mini M&Ms, chocolate covered pretzels, a chocolate covered pretzel core, and a little sprinkle of salt on top.

Cookies Anonymous - This is our version of a "Cookie Monster" cookie. A blue dough, stuffed with Chips Ahoy cookies, Biscoff Cookies, Oreos, and cookie dough bites! 

Happy Nuts - This is our take on an almond joy cookie! A soft coconut dough base stuffed with coconut flakes, mini chocolate chips, almond chunks, and an Almond Joy core! It’s got some crunch, it’s chewy, it’s chocolatey, and it’ll make you one Happy Nut! 

Yippee Ki-Yay - Because Die Hard really is a Christmas movie, and that is exactly what this cookie will have you yelling. Go ahead and enjoy this soft gingerbread cookie packed with brown sugar toaster pastry, stuffed with oozy cookie butter, and coated in crunchy turbinado sugar. This is truly how Santa packs on his yearly weight.

The Grinch - He didn’t steal your presents, he stole all the gluten! Just like everyone’s favorite Christmas monster (The Grinch), this MONSTER cookie will end up warming your heart, especially those that are sensitive to gluten. An oatmeal peanut butter base stuffed and topped with chocolate coated candies and chocolate coated peanut candies.

Filthy Animal -  Merry Christmas ya filthy animals! An ode to the Party Animal circa August 2018, Filthy Animal has a soft almond cookie base. It is loaded with holiday sprinkles and stuffed with white chocolate covered pretzels. Make sure to eat it at Home…Alone.

Sugar Momma - A cotton candy dough base stuffed with white chocolate chips and a pink cake pop core, topped with crunchy candy crystals.

Sticky Fingers - A caramel apple cookie with caramel bits and a caramel apple filling core, topped with crunchy peanuts.

Grande Sexy - A cinnamon churro dough base stuffed with caramel bits and a caramel core, rolled in cinnamon turbinado sugar for a crunchy outer shell.

Shorty’s Cakes - You can pronounce it “shawty” if it makes ya feel more gangsta. Everyone needs some of shorty’s cake. Strawberry shortcake to be exact. This is a strawberry cookie base with white chocolate chips and a strawberry cake core, topped with strawberry crumble.

Red Rocket - Red Rockets in flight Afternoon Delight! This is a red velvet cookie packed with white chocolate chips and blue sprinkles, stuffed with a white chocolate kit kat. So, if thinking of this is working up your appetite, you can look forward to a little afternoon delight.

Starry Night - This cookie reminded us of a beautiful summer night sky, filled with golden stars! We could not resist the name. This is our Black Beauty dark cocoa cookie base stuffed with golden Oreos, white chocolate chips, a golden Oreo core, all topped with white sprinkles! The MEGA one pounder, pictured here, has a stacked Oreo core.

S’more Nuts - Cuz everyone needs s’more nuts in their life. Have you ever made a s’more but instead of a Hershey’s bar you stuck in a PB cup? IT IS AMAZING and that’s exactly what we’ve recreated in cookie form! Graham dough base stuffed with chocolate chips, tiny marshmallows, peanut butter chips, and a PB marshmallow core. This MEGA has an entire PB Crunch bar inside.

SuperDough - Created after the well-known "Superman" ice cream flavor, this cookie is the perfect blend of cherry, blue raspberry, vanilla, and lemon! A lemon-vanilla based dough stuffed with cherry chips, a blue moon fountain cake pop core, and topped with a crunchy shell of cherry lemon candies!

The Imposter - This may look like a normal Fat & Weird cookie, but don’t be fooled! This little baby is completely vegan. An indulgent chocolate chip cookie laced with crunchy bits of toasted coconut. We are positive that even non-vegans will have a hard time telling this one from our regular cookies.

Razzle Dazzle - Give ‘em the old razzle dazzle- they’ll be begging for more! This is a cheesecake cookie base stuffed with white chocolate chips and a raspberry cheesecake core, topped with graham cracker crumbs. The MEGA has a giant raspberry cheesecake core.

Bunny Nest - Hop on over to try this out. A rich, coconut base layered with chunks of coconut flakes, stuffed with spring chocolate candies and mini chocolate eggs, stuffed with a massive coconut caramel fudge cookie. If you love everything spring, this cookie is for you.

School Girl - This ain’t your regular school girl, this is a real nerdy chick. A delicious tart lemon cookie base with loads of tangy rainbow crunchy candy woven in, all stuffed with a marshmallow bird. I know you might be scared, but we’ve done our homework, you’re going to love this cookie.

Gettin' Lucky - It’s not just the leprechauns gettin' lucky finding those pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, you can get lucky too! This is a brown sugar cookie base stuffed with mini m&ms, pretzel m&ms, chocolate covered pretzels, a Hershey’s gold bar core, all topped with crunchy rainbow sprinkles!

Mama Jean's Granola Pie - Aka MJ’s Granola Pie! (“MJGP” if you a gangsta) Ya know when you go home for the holidays and your momma makes you your favorite dessert and you get the warm fuzzies inside like its the best thing you’ve ever eaten in your life? Well, that’s this cookie. If you didn’t know this from Aubrie already, granola pie is her Momma Jean’s recipe and it’s CRACK! This cookie is a shortbread base with pecans and chocolate chips, stuffed with a core of granola pie (gooey chocolate chip pecan granola heaven). You HAVE to try this cookie!

Belt BusterYou know when you have to loosen your belt after your big Thanksgiving meal? Well go ahead and just get your sweatpants ready, because this cookie is sure to bust any belt! A soft shortbread cookie base stuffed with gooey pecan pie filling.

Cinful Doughkie - A cookie that tastes like a doughnut! This is a cinnamon doughnut cookie base stuffed with caramel chunks, a gooey caramel core, all rolled in Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal and turbinado sugar.

Show Me Your Bloobs - Because apparently the trend nowadays is to call a blueberry “bloob” and therefore, we cannot contain our inappropriateness. Also, there’s blueberries inside, so open up that cookie and show me them bloobs! This is a tart lemon dough swirled with bursts of tangy candies, stuffed with blueberry pie filling and topped with streusel. It’s the perfect cookie for summer- refreshing and tart with so much indulgence.

'Merican Pie - Not to be confused with American Pie, although we can see why you'd get a little excited. This cookie is a cinnamon caramel base stuffed with apple pie filling and topped with streusel. Hide this cookie from your teenagers because there's nothin' like warm apple pie. 'MERICA!

The Nutellabolic - This is where cookie gains come from. A Nutella cookie base loaded with mini M&Ms with a Forrero Rocher stuffed inside. Designed by the prep coach specialist himself Justin Mihaly. He said this is the perfect muscle building or post-show treat.

Butter My Biscoff - This ain’t no Delta airplane snack, okay? Brad loves Biscoff cookie butter and cookies, so this a dream cookie he created for his birthday. A cookie butter dough base loaded with salted caramel chips and crispy chocolate nuggets, topped with Biscoff cookie bits, and stuffed with chocolate covered Biscoff balls.

Just A Fling - Walked into the kitchen one day and there they were, Black Beauty and Golden Boy just dough-in’ at it. It was just a fling, a one-night stand, but their flame burned bright while it lasted. The result? Golden Boy stuffed inside Black Beauty. The two becoming one. 

Peanuts of the Corn - Not to be confused with Children of the Corn, which is the creepiest movie known to man and no one should watch it. Inspired by all you peeps out there eatin’ bowls of peanuts and candy corn. Both salty and sweet, this sugar cookie base is stuffed with salty roasted peanuts, candy corn flavored white chocolate candy pieces, and chunks of candy corn.

Naughty List - It looks just like what Santa sends to all the bad boys and girls. Go ahead, gift this gooey black chocolate peppermint cookie to someone who’s been naughty (they’ll love you forever, joke’s on you). Rudolph left a little surprise on the inside too! A red sandwich cookie that shines like a light bulb. This cookie is also stuffed with peppermint sandwich cookies and peppermint white chocolate chunks.

Golden Boy - This cookie is a classic, it's everyone's favorite, it can do no wonder it's dubbed the Golden Boy! A buttery brown sugar cookie base packed with semi-sweet chocolate chips, chunks of chocolate, and walnut pieces for the perfect nutty crunch. Stacked high for a crunchy outside and gooey center.

Grandpa's Pocket - Grandpa does like to pack around snacks "just in case!" This cookie includes everything you might find toted in your grandpa's pocket: butterscotch pieces, pecans, and dried cranberries, all woven into our favorite soft and chewy oatmeal base.

Bleeding Heart - The OG Black Beauty has gotten all lovey-dovey for this day of romance, with her black chocolate dough swirled with white chocolate chips and cookie chunks, just pouring her little cookie heart out with a gushing chocolate covered cherry.

The Lonely Animal -  One might be the loneliest number, but you're never lonely with a cookie in your hand. An almond flavored sugar cookie mixed with festive sprinkles and stuffed with white chocolate covered pretzels.

The V-Card - We all know Black Beauty gets around town. Don't y'all remember The Fling a couple months ago? Yeah that's over now. Now, she's on to Big Sexy and she's taking that V-card! Big Sexy’s salted caramel dough jammed inside the chocolate dough of Black Beauty. That is all you need to know!

Whips & Chains - Hey Rihanna, whips and chains excite us too but we're talking about the cookie. Isn't this what every girl wants on V-day? Is chocolate and a teddy bear enough? Truth is, no it isn’t, they want more, they want whips and chains and that's what excites them. A chocolate hazelnut cookie jam-packed with crunchy chocolate teddy grahams, and stuffed with melty hazelnut spread!

50 Shades of Red - We aim to please with this one. Raising the ordinary to extraordinary, a red velvet cookie rolled with white chocolate chips, stuffed with a red velvet flavored wafer bar. Christian Grey not included. Laters, baby.

Black Out Beauty - Let’s just say Black Beauty went a little too hard for St. Patty’s day. Got all wild and filled up with Bailey’s Irish Cream, rolled around in tons of Ande’s mint candy chunks and Oreos, before she passed out on your lawn. A silky, black cocoa base stuffed with mint chips and massive cookie sandwich chunks that add just the right amount of textural indulgence.

The Drunken Animal - Turns out Party Animal tagged along with Black Out Beauty and went just as hard for St. Patty’s Day. Strictly shots of Jameson for her though. This is a green whiskey flavored cookie dough loaded with crunchy cereal clusters, rainbow marshmallows, and green sprinkles, all stuffed with a white chocolate covered pretzel. THE ULTIMATE ST. PATRICK’S DAY COOKIE!

Bedrock - Don't come knockin' if the bed is rockin'! This cookie will take you back to Saturday morning cartoons, eating cereal out of those plastic bowls with the straw built in. This cookie is a cocoa cereal base stuffed with peanut butter chips. 

Apple Bottom - Boots with the fur not included. Apple Jacks aren't just for breakfast, they're for dessert too! A cinnamon & apple cereal dough base stuffed with an apple pie core.